Saturday, August 28, 2010

Training the Puppy - Lesson #3 Know Your Place In the Pack

Since Meaty has been feeling under the weather this week, I will go over lesson #3 with you: Know your place in the pack.

I am sure your dog-mom, Mia, taught you what a pack was. You are part of our pack now and we need to make sure you know your place.

Grandma says Meaty is the "king". He likes that title alot. I think it has kind of gone to his head a bit. Oh well, he is first, #1, the leader (but only because I wasn't here at the start. I have great leadership qualities, you know.)

Grandma says that I am "prince". Auntie sometimes calls me the "jester". I like "prince" better. And I am #2. I think I am really more like #1.5!! And if only I had started in the pack to begin with rather than wasting 3 years somewhere else, I know things would be different, but no matter. Meaty is our lead-guy. And I am a close 1.5!

You probably haven't learned to count yet, but that makes you #3 (#1, #1.5, #3 - yes, that sounds right!). We haven't decided on a descriptive title for you yet. I hear grandma calling you "squirt" now and then. I bet this is because sometimes you squirt on her rug! Let's just make one thing clear ... I am the king of squirting on rugs and walls and cars and children who are sitting still outside ... so find another skill, cause I am king of that one!

Yours Truly,
King of Squirting

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