Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mama’s Souvenir

“I wonder if I can grow fangs when my baby teeth fall out.”
Calvin & Hobbes

My mama says it’s pretty rare to get a baby tooth as a keepsake. I don’t know about that, I have a belly full of teeth!

So I’ve heard there’s some chick in a fairy outfit who’s supposed to come visit me? Sounds kinda creepy, but if I get a present that’s pretty cool. I hope she has cookies!

Meathead said I should ask for a 60in. LED HDTV with surround sound. Ummmm, I not sure what that means.

Oh well…I’ll leave my tooth under ducky for safe keeping.

Milo :)


  1. Don't you just want to cuddle that face!!

  2. I come here for my "Awwwww" fixes!
    I think my dog is cute, but a puppy trumps all the rest.
    Dotty says Hi; she is quite intimidated by all of you, and hides behind me for safety. But she'll come around.