Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Training the Puppy - Lesson #2 Adore your person

Meathead and I think you already have lesson #2 under your belt, uhh ... under your navel, no wait - under your chest - dang! You know what I mean - you got this part down already, but it is worth mentioning because this is the one I am really good at.

Adoring your person is pretty darn important. Besides the fact they pay for everything and they do everything for you ... they love you! And you, my little man, are exceeding lucky because you don't have just one person who loves you, you have a whole family of people who think you are grand.

Meathead has his papa, I have my grandma (ok, I share her, but no one adores her like me) and you have your mama!

Lesson #2 - Adore your mother - we can see that she adores you!

See ya later!

PS - ok, ok, technically papa pays for everything for me, but I adore grandma! Its an unusual relationship but it works for us.

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