Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dog Gone Tired

Our vacation ends tomorrow. This has been a tiring week! It will be nice to sleep in our own beds.

Grandma never came...I hope she doesn't show up tomorrow and we are gone! If she did show up now, I don't think we'd have the energy to greet her.

Who knew a restful vacation could be so exhausting!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beach Blanket Bulldog

Well, it seems as though Grandma is stuck in traffic. I will not be deterred; I'll just get some rays while I wait.
I mean...I'm on vacation, I might as well come home with a tan.

Please, no beached whale jokes!

Is it really necessary to take my picture from behind Aunt Kris?

Oh Grandma...hurry up please!!

Greetings from OBX!

Hello all,

We've been having a great time at the beach. It's always nice to get away.

I've given up on the beach. It's awfully sandy and Mama makes me take a bath afterwards...yuck!
I think I'll stick to playing on the deck with my bone.

In the all the excitement of vacation there's something I'm missing, but I just can't put my paw on it.

Oh's home.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still Waiting…

I’m still waiting for you Grandma.
I’m losing my mind here, even the puppy thinks he’s a fish now!

My bag is packed Grandma; I’m ready whenever you are. Grimace assured me you'd be coming for us.
Ooohhh dear... hopefully she’s close.

Beach Bum

I don’t know why Meathead dislikes the beach so much?

I'm having a great time, wheeeeeeeee!!

Mama, let’s go again!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bulldogs Swim Like Bricks

Why oh why do we have to go on vacation again? Isn’t once in my lifetime enough?
I miss my bed, I miss my house, and I miss my Grandma. Grandma where are you? Come take me home!
Papa and MoMo call this a vacation, I call this puppy purgatory! When I think of the beach, I think of potentially drowning in the pool (everyone knows I don't swim), heat exhaustion, burrs in my feet, stomach aches and vomiting - why would you have a large body of water and not be able to drink it!
They say cats have 9 lives; maybe I should start purring. Grandma saaaave me!
"Don't worry Meathead. I’m positive Grandma will be waiting for us at the beach house. Grandma, here we come!"

OBX, Here We Come!

Hi all it’s Grimace here,

Well it’s that time of year again; when we make the long trek to the Outer banks, NC with Papa, MoMo and Aunt Kris. One difference this year is the addition of Milo, this is his first trip.

“Yep, my very first trip! I'm kind of nervous and excited...”

“Hey, use your own post to speak...jeez!”

Anyways, if the car wasn’t crammed before, it’s a sardine can now! I mean… I’m a dog, not a fish!

I personally love vacation. I get to spend the whole week with Papa and MoMo, ALL DAY! No crate for me, no sir. I’m not sure why I need that stupid thing anyways.

Some dogs, such as Meathead, don’t like vacation. He’s such a bore sometimes. New smells, extra cookies, being with “my people” all day – who wouldn’t love that!

Sometimes Papa does leave me to go fishing, but I have my Aunt Kris around to keep me company. Here’s a picture of us on the way to the beach!

The only thing missing on vacation is Grandma :(. I don’t know why she isn’t here, it’s not like her to leave me alone. I bet she’ll be at the beach house when we get there!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Too many things to remember

Exhausting! Just so much to learn before I am all grow'd up! I think I will take a nap first before I blog a response.