Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OBX, Here We Come!

Hi all it’s Grimace here,

Well it’s that time of year again; when we make the long trek to the Outer banks, NC with Papa, MoMo and Aunt Kris. One difference this year is the addition of Milo, this is his first trip.

“Yep, my very first trip! I'm kind of nervous and excited...”

“Hey, use your own post to speak...jeez!”

Anyways, if the car wasn’t crammed before, it’s a sardine can now! I mean… I’m a dog, not a fish!

I personally love vacation. I get to spend the whole week with Papa and MoMo, ALL DAY! No crate for me, no sir. I’m not sure why I need that stupid thing anyways.

Some dogs, such as Meathead, don’t like vacation. He’s such a bore sometimes. New smells, extra cookies, being with “my people” all day – who wouldn’t love that!

Sometimes Papa does leave me to go fishing, but I have my Aunt Kris around to keep me company. Here’s a picture of us on the way to the beach!

The only thing missing on vacation is Grandma :(. I don’t know why she isn’t here, it’s not like her to leave me alone. I bet she’ll be at the beach house when we get there!


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  1. Oh my poor babies! The beach is just not their thing. Something is wrong here. Their grandmother would love to go to the beach and can't. They would love to stay home and can't.

    Life is quirky.