Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Star Pupil

Milo here!
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You won't believe how great I am at this "training thing"! This was my second week, and I am just the star of my class. Like Really!! At least that is what mom thinks. And the trainer guy said I am pretty smart. Of course, I knew that! I am pretty sure that training is more for mom than for me. The trainer speaks "dog" and mom is learning how to speak "dog" now.

Here I am with mama waiting for the class to begin. I am so well behaved here.

Of course, there was some play time with the other pupils. One thing I am really good at is play. As you can see from this picture, I haven't yet gotten control over my eyes. Meathead would say this wasn't cool behavior.

I am, however, beginning to think it is cool behavior for a Frenchie.

And the pupils come in all shapes and sizes.

This one has pretty fancy accessories. Look at those ears. Beautiful, but too heavy with hair to stand up properly!!

Hmm ... I am not sure if that is a real dog. I am still thinking about it.

But the sweater is pretty cool! I'd need a bigger size.

And I made a new friend today - his name is George! Now he is a real dog!! Another English Bull Dog like my cousin Meathead! My favorite kind of dog - a bully!!

What's not to love about that mug!!

Yes, I am looking forward to my next training lesson.