Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween is not for dogs


Meathead here!

Halloween is not for dogs! Grandma doesn't know that. Here I am humoring her. Purple is not my color.

And here is Grimmy sitting behind the closed storm door while Grandma gives out treats. Grimace is not bored easily, but even he had to just rest his eyes for a moment.

And then there is our neighbor, Penny. Now according to Milo she is a "looker"! We can't see it. It must be a "frenchie" thing. But according to her live-in staff, she won first prize in an Annapolis, Maryland contest dressed as a crab. Check out the outfit!! Now red definately is her color!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stylish Frenchie

My mama takes such good care of me. See, I have this new sweater. It is a Martha Stewart sweater and I feel very much like everyone is looking at just how sharp I am.

If you look real close, even the buttons have "Martha Stewart" on them.

I am sure everyone is pretty impressed. Well, at least my Grandma is impressed.

She and that camera!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Milo and the Neighbor Cat

I have pretty much reach my big-boy body, but I am still pretty young and learning about the world.

I was visiting my grandma recently, and I couldn't believe my eyes. The lady next door had one very skinny cat.

I'm a friendly kind of guy so I thought I would check this dude out.

I'll give him credit. He never moved. My grandma has cats and I never can get this close.

I moved in closer to get a wiff.

This is one cool guy. He doesn't even blink. And his smell is kind of ... well ... there is no smell.

I get a bath every week or so 'cause my mama thinks I need it. This guy must get a bath every day!

Poor fella.

Let's see. You usually can't hide your smell on this end.

Must be careful! Cats are unpredictable.

Oh my! No smell, no noth'en.

Very creepy. I can feel the hair on my back standing up. This dude has serious problems.

He could use a decent meal as well. Never saw anything that skinny.

Got to tell my mama about this. She won't believe it.