Saturday, October 16, 2010

Milo and the Neighbor Cat

I have pretty much reach my big-boy body, but I am still pretty young and learning about the world.

I was visiting my grandma recently, and I couldn't believe my eyes. The lady next door had one very skinny cat.

I'm a friendly kind of guy so I thought I would check this dude out.

I'll give him credit. He never moved. My grandma has cats and I never can get this close.

I moved in closer to get a wiff.

This is one cool guy. He doesn't even blink. And his smell is kind of ... well ... there is no smell.

I get a bath every week or so 'cause my mama thinks I need it. This guy must get a bath every day!

Poor fella.

Let's see. You usually can't hide your smell on this end.

Must be careful! Cats are unpredictable.

Oh my! No smell, no noth'en.

Very creepy. I can feel the hair on my back standing up. This dude has serious problems.

He could use a decent meal as well. Never saw anything that skinny.

Got to tell my mama about this. She won't believe it.

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