Monday, August 23, 2010

Milo, the New Kid on the Block


I’m Milo and I’m the new kid on the block. I am 4 months old. I love cookies, the dog park, sleeping with my bunny, chasing butterflies, cookies, chewing on bones, going for walks, cookies, barking at ants, sleeping on the couch, chasing squirrels, wait …I need to catch my breath. Did I forget to say cookies? Oh yes most importantly, I love my mama. She loves telling me she spent big bucks on me, she says it all the time (whatever that means!).

I don’t have a nickname yet. I think my mama just likes my name; she says it all the time. “Milo stop doing this, Milo listen to me, Milo stop chewing on the electrical cord, Milo, Milo, Milo…” GOSH, I heard you the first time! But I digress…

My story is short and sweet. I was born into a home of several cats and dogs. Since I was the last puppy left, I would go with my breeder to work. I had gotten used to my current home; I had lots of friends to play with. Until one day a lady, aka “mama”, came and took me away. I was very scared. I even threw up in my crate the first night. This is when I learned mama freaks out when something is wrong with me. I knew sleeping in the crate at night would soon be a distant memory.

You see, I am a very smart boy. My family says I’m a puppy, but I’m really a big boy. Well…I can’t reach the cookie jar yet, but give me time. All I had to do was eat EVERYTHING on the ground and I got a stomach ache. Like always, my mama freaked and let me sleep in her bed. The diarrhea was no fun, but I sleep in a comfy bed now!

So I’m working the system and my life here is pretty sweet! I don’t even remember the home I came from really. I have a cool dog park behind my house; my mama takes me there every day. I get to run with my big dog friends and have fun. Everyone yells “Milo!” when they see me coming, well not my dog friends – they just sniff my butt.

My new families pretty great too! I have my mama, grandma, Uncle Matt, MoMo, and the man who lives with grandma (that’s what Grimace calls him). Mama says I have other family I need to meet too, I’m very excited!

OMG (I learned that on the internet), I almost forgot Meathead and Grimace! They’re my cousins, which you’ve already met I’m sure. My mama and grandma say I’m a lot like Meathead, I hope so - he’s soooooo cool!!! Anyways, they’re teaching me lots of fun tricks: walking down stairs, how to beg for cookies and peeing with one leg up. Sometimes I get the feeling I annoy them, oh well I’m sure that’s not the case! I’m a puppy, who wouldn’t love me!

Oops, mama’s calling – time for breakfast! Talk to you soon! Oh and if you have any comments on our blog let me know - I'm all ears!!

Milo :)

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