Monday, August 23, 2010

Grimace, the Captain

My name is Captain Grimace Robert Geronimo Shanks, ... the first!

I answer to Grim or Grimmy for short - having a long, commanding name like mine - you have to have a short version. But my name history is alittle more complicated than my companions. My first three years of life were spent living with my brother in another family. I don't remember much of those years, so my life really began when I came to live with papa. I should probably back up and explain.

In my first home I was called Bud and my brother was called Lite. (Yeah - "Bud" - no one is going to remember you with a name like "Bud".) My brother and I didn't receive much care. They fed us and they kept a roof over our heads, but when I left that home I was grossly overweight and my ears were swollen with infection. Thankfully they gave us to Pug Rescue so we could get better and move on. I was with a wonderful Foster Mother for exactly one month. Papa found my picture on Pet Finders - apparently the bull dog wasn't enough for him (despite what you might read in other postings on this blog), and the rest is history.

By the time Papa adopted me, I slimmed down and my ears were healed. I looked buff. My first night in my new home was pretty much a mad house of celebration - apparently the bull dog wasn't enough for anyone - despite what you read in other postings on this blog. There was Meathead and Papa and MoMo, of course, but there was also a lady called "grandma" - I bonded with her pretty fast. And then there was a person called "auntie", she was very sweet and loving, and there was the man who lives with grandma - that is what I call him to this day "the man who lives with grandma". Soon after Papa changed my name to Grimace.

Life has been next to perfect ever since. I live in two places now - Papa's and grandma's. If I had to choose just one (and why would I - how many dogs have 2 homes), I would choose to live with my Grandma. She doesn't have her own dog (despite what her neighbors think - they believe she has 3 dogs) and she dotes on me! And I am good with the doting!

And with regards to my regal name ... I have no frick'en idea how it got so long or so impressive. Must be the force of my magnificant personality - (despite what you might read in other postings on this blog!!)

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